Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Character Guide: Denver


Denver is the daughter of Sethe. She is about 18 years old but her character shows her as an immature 10 year-old. She is extremely lonely and feels miserable because of her loneliness. She is quite concerned about her own past and dislikes any subject that does not have to do with herself, for example, when Sethe and Paul D start talking about Sweet Home, Denver looses any interest she had gathered in the conversation in which her dad, Halle, was mentioned. She has a friendly relationship with the ghost and feels empty because of its disappearance at Paul D’s rampage. She is scared of her mother due to her dark past and dislikes Paul D for trying to break the balance they had built.

In term of the character towards Beloved, she is obsessive, compulsive and possessive in terms of love of her. She feels envious that Beloved only wants Sethe’s love and therefore feels frustrated. Her loyalty is with Beloved, she supports her in everyway she can. An example of this is when Beloved “disappears” in the shed and Denver feels like she has broken down or even dead.

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